Luxury Balcony Designs For Terraced Houses By Royer And Thirion

 amazing there in the world would never have thought that something like this please see the following pictures, on how to design your house from the balcony by Royer and Thirion, the images you will find two pieces like like hanging, but it turns out that the uniqueness of the balcony this, it turns out like it was a place to plant your favorite plants, or plants that may spread more, plus a large tub in the middle to add to your collection of plants, and above it were the lamp lights so as not to lack of light at night.


In the next picture there is the same as before, but if that had been placed outside the side of the balcony, and that this is different because the put side of the balcony, oh no it just turns out he also has placed an additional outer side of the balcony, and of course the railing to the balcony very strong to withstand these tanks, do not forget to also be given in order to filter the water to water the plants can be filtered out through the exhaust pipe, also note where the sun comes easy for your plants in photosynthesis.

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