Modern Shower And Bathtub Design Ideas

About the bathroom again, and this time I will discuss a shower, but this really is a┬ámodern bath style, specifically for those of you who prefer to soak in ease, and the photographs below, you will see the look that combinations with bath tub with range shade style or design on the walls, but here only found two photographs, maybe next time I can demonstrate another one. In the very first image you will see the tub with a shower together, and with a red wood on the container wall, contributing to the impact of a vintage in this bathroom, and a shiny dark shade on the bathroom floor to create it look clean. In the next image is exactly like before, except that the look of the container wall is significantly diffent, appears like a small dark and bright chess panel, and therefore may be the towel hanger, maybe it’s just that I can display of modern style bath, preferably next time can be more complete.

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